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Kalimba Caribbean Tours' luxury sailing yacht 'Kalimba' has sailed across the Atlantic and cruised the Caribbean from Trinidad to The British Virgin Islands. Since May 2013 she has been based in Grenada from where we now operate our luxury yacht charter holidays. 

Grenada is a true gem amidst the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Rich with history, “The Spice Island” is said to have the most picturesque waterfront in the whole of the Caribbean. If you are looking for a unique and relaxing way to discover The Grenadines a yacht charter holiday aboard Kalimba could be exactly what you're looking for...

Beneteau Oceanis 45 Luxury Yacht Charter

Kalimba is the perfect choice for people who love to sail or want to take life a little slower getting from island to island. During your vacation you will live and sleep on board a yacht. (Unlike our powerboat tour where you stay in local guest houses on each island).

To see the typical cost of our sailing holidays please visit our pricing page.

What's Included?

A typical two weeks sailing holiday itinerary will include two or three nights in a guest house in Grenada, allowing plenty of time to relax on the beach and go sightseeing on the Spice Island. This is followed by 10 days and nights aboard Kalimba. The yacht is self catering; Kalimba has a fully equipped galley and there are shops on some of the islands to stock up. Alternatively there are plenty of restaurants and bars ashore at most anchorages for eating out.

What to Consider?

As far as possible the sailing tour visits the same places as the powerboat tour, although compromises are needed to be taken to account for the slower speeds. Like the powerboat holiday aboard Kalimba Too, Kalimba is based in Grenada so the first and last day sail of your itinerary will be to and from Carriacou. A sailing time of about 6 hours is typical.

The type of boat you decide to choose for your holiday will depend entirely on your requirements, so it really is a matter of personal preference. If you prefer to take life a little slower, our sailing boat Kalimba will better suit your needs. For those who enjoy speed our powerboat vacation might be better.

Before chartering a yacht you should understand the size and facilities. Most companies will have photos and layouts of the boats available. You should also check the equipment and amenities available; including basic safety, galley equipment, entertainment, linen, etc. Discussion with the yacht owner before booking will help you to understand what you will need to bring.

Which Route Do We Follow?

Your skipper will discuss and agree an exact sailing itinerary with you, tailoring it to your personal preferences. Each night Kalimba will anchor in a protected bay or pick up a mooring (once you have left Grenada there are no more marinas to stop in) but where you visit on your trip is entirely up to you!

You can see a typical full itinerary here. From Carriacou Kalimba will visit the Islands of the Grenadines. Distances between the islands are short and sailing times each day are unlikely to be more than 2 or 3 hours. If you want to visit the northern most islands of Bequai and Mustique it is likely that something will need to be dropped from the southern part of the itinerary (for a two week tour). We don’t suggest sailing everyday, all day, as your holiday may become more about the travel than the destination. Unless you love sailing, of course, and that’s all you want to do, in which case we will plan your itinerary with longer passages!

This two week itinerary has been put together from our experience, however we are fully flexible to suit your needs. If you wish to charter Kalimba for a longer or shorter duration, or wish to spend time in a particular place then we can easily build a tour to suit you. This is the beauty of our holidays: the freedom and flexibility to build the adventure you want, something that you are restricted with in all-inclusive cruises and hotels.

Love Sailing?

Better still, unlike a cruise our Caribbean sailing holidays let you get involved in sailing Kalimba as much, or as little, as you please. Our skipper will welcome the help and will happily teach you the ropes. Alternatively if you just want to lie back, chill out and sunbathe and leave the sailing to the Captain, that's fine too. 

What is the Kalimba Yacht Like?

Kalimba is a Beneteau Oceanis 45, a new design released in 2012 which won first prize for European Cruising Yacht of the Year 2012. Find out more about the Kalimba Caribbean sailing yacht and read details of what's on board here

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Sailboat charter companies greatly vary in size from small, independently run businesses to larger organisations which run many yacht charters in various parts of the world. To find the perfect company for you will need to first decide the kind of sailing vacation that you want. Secondly you need to be realistic about what you can afford, taking into consideration the number of people who will be on the vacation, the location, flights, extras and the duration of the trip.

If you are looking for a one of a kind holiday and independent charter may help take away the cruise feeling then booking with an independent yacht chartering company like Kalimba might be just what you're looking for.

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