Customer Review of a Holiday on Kalimba Grenada Yacht Charter: March 2015


Here is a recent review of Kalimba Caribbean Tours

Adventure of a lifetime - so many memories, so many highlights, genuine experiences, amazing sights and mini-adventures every day!!

Starting in St Lucia, the adventure began with a dinghy ride to the Kalimba to the background of our first of many glorious sunsets in the Caribbean. The yacht is elegant, spacious and comfortable with all essentials on board including a microwave, which to be honest we didn’t use and we didn’t miss!! The sailing adventure began the next day after a great night’s sleep on the gently rolling Caribbean waves.

Over the course of eight days, we visited various islands (Bequia, Tobago Keys, The Grenadines, Mayreau, Union Island etc), each with its own unique character. There were opportunities to snorkel, experience local Caribbean cuisine and spend time sun spotting on the beaches. Meals could be as simple or as complicated as you make them with locals delivering everything straight to Kalimba from freshly baked banana bread and live lobsters to French red wines with additional opportunities to sample Caribbean cuisine in local cafes, restaurants or bars. We met Robert Righteous on the hills of Mayreau, and experienced the traditional BBQ of Hog Island in Grenada as well as meeting friendly, local people in markets, on the streets and in cafes.

The finishing highlight for us was a speed adventure on the Kalimba Too, a great introduction into the world of power boats and speeds of 30knots++!!

Despite having zero sailing experience, the trip was relaxing for us all and we will continue to talk about it for months to come. Pete, our Skipper was knowledgeable, encouraging and reassuring at all times, essential in adventures with an element of risk. Our memories of sea, sun, Piña Coladas, tropical fish, Caribbean life and life on a yacht will remain with us for a long time. Just do it!!

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