Do You Want to Visit the Palm Island (Grenadines) Resort?

pal-island-grenadines.pngPalm Island is an 135-acre private island which sits among the beautiful Grenadine islands in the Caribbean. Prior to its development by John and Mary Caldwell the island was an uninhabited, mosquito-infested swampland. John and Mary reclaimed most of the sodden interior by plating palm trees, hence the name Palm Island (The island was originally known as the less glamorous Prune Island).

The couple constructed a 10-room hotel named the Palm Island Beach Club which they ran for 30 years until is was sold and redeveloped in 1999.

The new Palm Island resort has 41 rooms and suites, a spa, pool and tennis court among other amenities. Two of the original private homes were also bought over and converted into luxury villas. 

Palm Island is now only accessible via yacht / boat. The grass airstrip was sacrificed in order to plant more palm trees following the construction of a more sustainable, concrete runway on neighbouring Union Island.

What Is There to Do On Palm Island?

Palm Island is a heavenly hideaway with an idyllic resort perfect for those looking to get away from the hustle of city life. Offering a blend of relaxation and elegance, the island offers a peaceful and picturesque holiday location with the chance to relax in serene seclusion. 

Sand, Sea, Cycling & Watersports

The island is home to five white-sand beaches which you can sunbath and relax on to your heart's content. For those who are more adventurous there is also a cycle path around the island and for the water-bunnies there are opportunities to snorkel, swim or try water sports in the clear waters. 

The Palm Island resort has two restaurants (The Sunset Grill and the Royal Palm Restaurant) and two bars plus a range of other facilities such as a gym, library and tennis court.

pal-island-grenadines-sailing.pngWhy Visit Palm Island?

Located east of Union Island Palm Island yet another Grenadine island which offers stunning, natural beauty - a truly relaxing environment which ticks all of the boxes of what a beach holiday should be about.

If you are unsure whether you would like to spend all of your holiday on such a small island then you could consider visiting it as part of a larger island hopping tour, taking in more of the Grenadine islands. 

Sailing Holidays Around the Grenadines

Many people visit Palm Island as part of a Caribbean sailing holiday such as those offered by Kalimba Caribbean Tours. Our sailing holidays can be tailored exactly to your requirements with an itinerary built around your wants, for as long or as short as you need.

For more information about our sailing holidays or to find out if we could be exactly what you're looking for why not drop us an enquiry?