Frequently Asked Questions About Kalimba Yacht Charters

We understand that a sailing holiday is a bit different from a typical holiday and with that comes questions. Read below for answers to some of the most common queries we get asked about our sailing and powerboat charters.


Q: How much should I pack?

A: Don’t Pack too much:   Everybody does! This is a very laid back and informal holiday. You only need:

  • Reef shoes or flip flops, no enclosed shoes, heels etc. On board the boats is bare feet.
  • T shirts, shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Beach towel or sarong
  • Wash bag
  • Hat
  • Sun cream
  • Mosquito repellent.

If you insist on playing dress up, there may be one or two occasions: such as a meal at Petit St Vincent Resort… however even there the floor is sand!


Q: What bag or suitcase should I bring?

A: Don't bring a hard suitcase: Neither boat has anywhere to stow a hard suitcase, pack in a soft bag or backpack. Preferably one that can be folded away and stowed (otherwise, on the sailboat, you will be sleeping with it!)


Q: Will my bag get wet?

A: No! Both boats have dry cabins to store your gear in.


Q: Will I get wet?

A: Probably: You are unlikely to get splashed on the sail boat. It might rain though. Similarly the powerboat is relatively dry at speed. Splashes are possible. Both boats have some shelter from the rain. But rain in the Caribbean comes in short heavy, squalls, the best plan is be prepared to get wet, wear a swimming costume, when the rain passes you will soon dry off.


Q: Will I be seasick?

A: Possibly: if you are prone to it. Stugeron is a very effective seasick tablet. Generally we find people who are susceptible to seasickness get their sea legs on the yacht within a day. Seasickness is less likely on the powerboat. If being sick, throw up on the leeward side of the boat (the side without the wind blowing on to it). Then get over it and have a rum punch.


Q: Will I get sunburn?

A: If you are not careful, Yes: On both boats you will be outside in the sun and wind. The sun does not feel so hot due to the wind. But it will burn you. Wear plenty of sunscreen and bring a hat, preferably one that won’t get blown off, making us turn the boat around to go back and get it… (we call that man overboard drill)


Q: Are there mosquitoes?

A: Yes: At certain times of the year there are mosquitoes and some people get bitten. It is unusual if any get on the sail boat when moored off beaches. They are mostly around on land, in early evening. If you are susceptible to bites bring repellent. Most seem to hang out at Robert Righteous Bar on Mayreau.


Q: How rough does it get?

A: It varies: From Grenada heading North we are on the sheltered side of the Island protected from the swell. Also in the Grenadine Islands the islands provide sheltered, relatively, flat water. Between the North of Grenada and Carriacou is open ocean. Swell can occasionally be large (2+m). This crossing is only on the first and last days of the tour. On the powerboat we moderate speed accordingly, the crossing will take less than 1 hour. The sail boat will make about 6 knots and the crossing may take up to 3 hours. For those on the powerboat tour if we consider the swell or wind to be too much we will put you on the ferry from Grenada to Carriacou. The sailing yacht can handle any seas we will encounter.


Q: Must I be super fit?

A: Not super fit, but… As the powerboat can get bumpy we don’t recommend it for people with back problems, pregnancies, delicate dispositions, young children etc. Both boats require a reasonable degree of fitness for getting around, climbing on and off etc.

You can expect the powerboat to take off occasionally and the yacht may lean over along way. The boats, islands, beaches and guesthouses are, unfortunately, not wheelchair friendly


Q: Will there be much music?

A: Yes, Some Reggae, some more reggae followed by a lot more reggae.


Q: Can I bring my children?

A: Not if they are very young. We prefer over 12 years old for both boats. And they should be able to swim.


Q: I look like an adult, but behave like a child, can I come?

A: Yes. But we might leave you somewhere...


Q: I can’t swim can I come?

A: This probably isn’t the holiday for you: To get the most out of this holiday you should be able to swim, there are a lot of amazing beaches to visit and plenty of snorkeling opportunities on coral reefs, teeming with fish.


Q: I only stay in ritzy five star hotels anything less and I complain a lot and try to get my money back. Can I come?

A: No: The hotels are locally owned guest houses, not resorts or part of any international chain. They have their own peculiarities and character. They are not luxurious, but we inspect regularly to make sure they are clean. Mostly they are near local restaurants and bars. We prefer them to resorts and modern luxury hotels and so should you.


Q: What about Insurance?

A: Both our boats are insured by Fastnet Allianz Insurance for skippered charter use. You should, however, take out normal holiday travel insurance and check that it covers you for boating holidays.


Q: Do I need a Visa?

A: It depends where you are from: Visas are not required for Grenada or St Vincent and the Grenadines for UK, US, Australian citizens. Citizens of other countries should check the current requirements. We will be checking out of Grenada and into SVG and vice versa, there will be customs and immigration formalities in both directions. Your Captain will take care of this, there are fees but we have covered these in the price of your holiday.


Q: Can I drink the water?

A: If you must: We suggest you drink the rum, lots of it. 


Q: Do I need to get any special injections?

A: No. Nothing special.


Q: Do I need to bring any money? How much?

A: Yes, bring some. Other than food and drink, there’s not much to spend it on. Food and drink prices vary wildly depending on the establishment, but there is no need to pay anything more than you would pay at home. Resorts have the highest prices for drinks.


Q: Are flights included?

A: No, but we’ll help you find suitable flights. From UK check Expedia, BA and Virgin websites, if coming from US, check Expedia, AA , Caribbean and Delta. Grenada has daily flights from the UK, Miami, New York and some other US cities.


Q: Are there medical facilities close by?

A: Yes. We hope there is no need, but in the event of an emergency Grenada has a good hospital and excellent medical facilities (it has a large Medical University) and in the Grenadine Islands , Union Island has a good medical facility.


Q: How do I book?

A: Visit our Enquiries page.


Q: How do I ask questions?

A: Contact us: In the first instance, please email any questions you have in the email section of the contact us page. If you would like to talk to us directly please fill out your phone number and preferred time for a call back and we will ring you.


Q: Is my deposit safe? How do I know you are not going to do a runner with my money?

A: Yes it is safe and protected: We are acting as a package operator in that we are supplying two elements of a package: transport and hotel. We keep your deposit and final payment in a separate account untouched by us until after you have had your holiday. In the event we have to cancel your holiday for any reason (boat operational problems etc), your money will be refunded in full.


Q: What if I cancel? Is my deposit refundable?

A: Generally not. Your deposit of 30% of the value of the holiday will reserve a place on the boat for you. In the event you cancel before making the balance payment the deposit is not refundable. However, if we manage to take a booking filling your place(s) we will refund your money. Full payment (the balance 70%) is due 60 days before your holiday. Similarly if you cancel after this date we do not, generally refund the money, however, if we manage to take a booking filling your place(s) we will refund your money.


Q: I can only get a week off work. Can I come?

A: Possibly: One week is really not enough time on the sailing boat. It takes a full day to reach Carriacou and the same to come back. To go to the Grenadine Islands then needs clearing out and in customs and immigration and the same on the way back. It’s hardly worth it for such a short period. Occasionally we run one week itineraries on the powerboat, so it is worthwhile to enquire. You can use our enquiry form to do so.


Q: Do you run day trips?

A: Yes, when a boat is available we run a selection of exciting day tours.


Q: I can’t make a decision. Should I come on this holiday?

A: Yes, or on the other hand, maybe no. 


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