Kitesurfing Holidays in the Caribbean

caribbean kite surf.jpgWhy Kitesurf in the Grenadines?

The Grenadines are an ideal kite surfing destination, with constant winds blowing from the East usually at 15 to 20 knots. Numerous islands protected by reefs make for flat shallow water, fabulous beaches and blue crystal clear water.

Where are the kitesurfing destinations in the Grenadines?

There are a variety of kitesurfing spots to choose from in the Grenadines, from ultra flat lagoons to offshore outer reefs. A popular kite surfing school is on Union Island which is often used by professional kitesurfers and kitesurfing companies to shoot their new products. Union Island is a great place to learn to kitesurf as the water is flat and the wind is extremely consistent.

From Union Island you also have easy access to all the neighbouring islands. Other fantastic kitesurfing locations in the Grenadines include in Tobago Cays, Petit Tabac, Union Island, Mayreau and Carriacou.

Our Powerboat: Kalimba Too

Kalimba Too is the ideal boat for a kite surfing safari. Its twin 275HP Mercury engines allow a cruising speed of over 30 knots, making passage between the Grenadine Islands fast and exciting. From Grenada to Union Island , St Vincent and the Grenadines takes under two hours and from there the neighbouring Islands of Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Carriacou and Petit St Vincent can be reached in under 15 minutes.

Kalimba Too is a Sacs Stratos 43 foot RIB powerboat dating from 2008. She can seat up to 10 guests and is equipped with a small cabin suitable for carrying luggage and multiple kites, a fridge for beer and soft drinks, paddle board and snorkelling equipment. Having a very shallow draft means that Kalimba Too can access bays and beaches that other yachts and catamarans cannot get anywhere near. On many beaches the boat can pull right up onto the sand. The entire East coast of Carriacou inside the offshore reef is accessible (many areas here are less than 1.5m deep, making access by yacht impossible). We can go to great kitesurfing spots... never sailed by anyone else and have exclusive access with not another person in sight!


Caribbean Kitesurf Safaris

Kitesurfing holidays and safaris can be any duration from a single day tour, to multiple days or even a month! Our speedboat is not sleep aboard (unless you want to rough it or sleep on the beach, under the stars), so we arrange accommodation in guest houses, hotels or resorts (according to you budget and desire for luxury).

We can arrange places to stay on Union Island, Mayreau, Carriacou, Bequia or even Mustique (for those without budget constraints!) Touring the islands and staying in different places every couple of days makes for a great holiday.

Kalimba Caribbean Tours

The great thing about choosing an independent company like Kalimba Caribbean Tours is that you hire our boats solely for your trip. This means you can choose an itinerary that will suit your party; whether you are a kitesurfing addict looking to try different waters, or a beginner looking to try kitesurfing for the first time.

Learn to Kitesurf in the Grenadines

Kalimba Too is based in Grenada, within 10 minutes of Grenada International Airport. We can arrange accommodation in Grenada at the start or finish of your holiday. Other means of getting to the Grenadines include into Union airport from Barbados, flights into any of the small islands: Bequia, Mustique etc or via St Vincent or even St Lucia.

We can pick you up from any of these places. One way holidays through the islands are popular, start in St Lucia, pass by St Vincent, Bequia, Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Canouan, Union, Carriacou and end in Grenada. The itinerary is up to you. Evenings are spent in various local beach bars, restaurants or having back BBQ’s (lobsters are popular). And there's always plenty of rum!

How Much Do Our Kitesurf Holidays Cost?

Prices for Kalimba Too start from GB£500 per day, that's for the whole boat and with two crew members. Fuel costs are extra, according to the amount used and distance travelled. Other additional costs include mooring fees, (National Park Fee: Tobago Cays and Sandy Island, Carriacou), customs and immigration charges when travelling between Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines or St Lucia. Accommodation costs start from approx US$50 per night, and upwards according to standard.

Book Your Kitesurfing Adventure Today!

Our kitesurfing safaris have all the ingredients to offer you the holiday of a lifetime. For more information or to book your kitesurfing holiday contact Kalimba Caribbean Tours. We'll be happy to help.


Some Kitesurfing FAQs

Why try kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing has become increasingly popular over the years. There are now professional tours and competitions and kite gear continues to evolve; becoming safer and more efficient. Kite schools can be found all over the world and everyone, male and female, old and young are trying it out. Kiteboarding became an Olympic sport recently, and whilst it didn't make the 2016 Games in the end is set to join the Olympics in the future. The Grenadines are a must see destination that feature on many people's bucket lists. The beautiful islands are one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world, with pristine waters, multiple lagoons and perfect white sands. 

Is it difficult?

Some people are surprised to learn that kitesurfing is easier than they think. Of course, effort and natural talent will always help, but many people can be kitesurfing and staying up within 10 days (or less).

Do you need to be strong? 

Another common myth for kitesurfing is that you need to be strong. A kitesurfer uses their hands for steering and once you have an understanding of the technique it isn't exhausting- in fact, anyone of any age can master it.

Is kitesurfing dangerous?

There was a time when kitesurfing was dangerous, however the industry has developed new systems that has made the sport a lot safer. Of course, there are still risks however if you are not stupid (don't try to emulate the pros in your first day!) you will be a lot safer.

Is it expensive to kitesurf?

Another common myth about kitesurfing is that it is expensive. In fact, when you compare kitesurfing to other sports, including scuba diving, snowboarding and deep sea fishing it is relatively less expensive.

What is the weather like in the Grenadines?

The best time to kitesurf in the Grenadines is from December until the end of June. The wind ranges from 10 to 25 knots.  

If you have any more questions about kitesurfing or kitesurfing holidays please contact us!

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