Mustique Holidays: Discover Mustique on a Sailing Yacht Holiday

mustique island.jpgMustique, also known as "Billionare's island", is one of the most exclusive destinations, not only in the Caribbean but in the world.

Privately owned by the Mustique company, some of the island's amazing villas are owned by the rich and famous looking for a place to relax away from the spotlight of the paparazzi. Mick Jagger, the late David Bowie and Princess Margaret have all owned properties here and the island is a regular favourite for Prince William and Kate. For generations people have visited the island and been captivated by the unique sense of life the island emits. 

What is Mustique Island Like?

Located south of St. Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines is home to Mustique island, which is located just south of Bequia has a population of just 500 and covers 1,400 acres.

Mustique has approximately 100 private villas, many of which are rented out through the Mustique Company. The island has one hotel called the Cotton House, also owned by the Mustique Company, and one privately owned seven-bedroom hotel called Firefly.

The island doesn't have many rules. Instead the Mustique Company want visitors to do as they please, enjoying the privacy of their villas or taking part in a beach BBQ.

What Is There to Do On Mustique?

Mustique's shops and boutiques are a sight in themselves, brightly coloured and on the water's edge they are interesting to visit even if you do not venture inside. Basil's Bar, which sits on stilts, is a favourite for visitors, mostly due to the fantastic view it offers but perhaps also possible due to the fact Mick Jagger is known to get up to impromptu karaoke sessions every now and again! 

If you are interested in learning about Mustique's history you can visit the small museum situated in The Old Sugar Mill beside the Cotton House which houses an interesting collection of photography and artefacts. These help paint the story of Mustique's development and how it became the island it is today.

Fishing isn't permitted on Mustique however there is a dedicated area for snorkelling if you are interested in watersports. 

Tips for Visiting Mustique

Mustique isn't a cheap place to visit. There is also not ATM on the island however both Basil's Bar and the supermarket accept cards. The atmosphere is laid back and different to that of other islands in the Grenadines. You should be aware that a long holiday on Mustique will have a particularly vibe and some people are happy to be there for only a day or two as a part of a sailing holiday.

Sailing in Mustique

pic.jpgIf you are interested in a sailing tour in the Grenadines you may wish to include a stop at Mustique to see what the mysterious island has to offer. You may even rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Sailing south from Bequia you will see Mustique on the horizon. The sail is an enjoyable one and when you arrive via boat you will be met with the most magnificant backdrop.

Like many islands in the Grenadines, Mustique has beautiful, turquoise seas and golden beaches lined with palm trees. The villas are 

Visit Mustique as Part of a Caribbean Sailing Holiday

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