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Where Do We Visit?

Kalimba and Kalimba Too cruise the beautiful Islands of Grenada and of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Grenada is a nation of three islands: Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Both the sailing yacht tour on Kalimba and the powerboat tour on Kalimba Too start and finish in Grenada.

The nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines lies 10 miles to the North of Grenada, just a short distance from Carriacou.  The sailing yacht tour and the powerboat tour visit the following Grenadine Islands: Union Island, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Petit Tabac, Palm Island, Petit St Vincent and Mopion. Additionally the powerboat tour can visit Bequai and Mustique.

Custom itineraries can be offered on both boats to extend stays at specific islands or visit other islands. 

Find out more about the places we visit below...


The start and end point of our tours. Why? Because it’s our base. Our boats live in Port Louis Marina a fantastic, world class marina with great facilities. Importantly, Grenada has an international airport with daily connections from London and the USA. Which means you can get there easily and our boats will give you direct access to the other Islands of Grenada and to the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, 20 miles to the North.

Our base at Port Louis Marina is only 15 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from one of the best beaches in the Caribbean: Grande Anse. 

Grenada is a beautiful island. In fact if you choose to follow our itinerary (although entirely up to you) you will take a full day tour of the island by minibus. The tour is provided by a local taxi driver, he’ll take you to all the best spots: Waterfalls, Rum factories, Nutmeg plantations, Old plantation houses, Chocolate factory (Grenada chocolate is delicious and there will be lots of samples) and a great spot for lunch. He will avoid any tours being organized off the cruise liners, so you won't encounter any crowds which can easily swamp any place and attract too many trinket sellers.

You can choose the waterfall you want to visit (there are many) according to what you want to do… whether that's a long trek through the jungle to get there, or no walk at all: right beside the road. The height of the jump into the pool is anything from no higher that the board at your local pool to “you’re joking aren’t you”. (No, we’re not!)

You can even explore an old plantation and climb in the wreckage of old Cuban planes if you want to or enjoy a day on the excellent Grande Anse Beach sharing with the all-inclusive resort dwellers, quietly comfortable in the knowledge that they are paying 3 times as much for about 10% as much fun!

If you find enough time then explore the old town of St Georges…not much has changed around the Carenage since the 18th century sailing ships were careened there.


Carriacou is a great little Island. Tyrell Bay is a favourite for visiting yachts as it is very enclosed and sheltered. The water is calm - which is important if you are on our yacht Kalimba as you will be sleeping here at anchor. Around the bay are a number of restaurants (about 4) and bars (about 5). The restaurants are very laid back, food ranges from pizzas, local “cuisine” (chicken, fish or meat…maybe a lobster, in season) to French. We can recommend Troy’s place, where his Mum does the cooking and you can eat in a private pavilion on the beach. The Lambi Queen Bar has a good live band on a Friday night, playing steel drum, often followed by a drumming session then a local disco that goes through most of the night. Local people will happily teach you how to twerk… as it’s very unlikely that your twerking skills match theirs (or ever will). The capital of Carriacou is Hillsborough, a town that time forgot, plenty of rum shacks, and a great carnival in March. We can take the boat around to Hillsborough or else a local bus from Tyrell Bay costs about 30p.


An Island that is sandy! Great snorkelling. Thousand, no millions, of fish.


The Southernmost of St Vincent and the Grenadines, a port of entry to the country. We will need to clear customs and immigration…a half hour paperwork exercise.

Clifton: This small town centres around the fruit and veg market. Jenny makes a wicked mixed fruit juice. If you’re on the powerboat tour we’ll put you up in a local guest house. There are good restaurants around the waterfront and a few bars. Clifton is home to the full moon party. Once a month (obviously) and with a fiery night time kite surfing display.

Chatham Bay: A quiet bay around the back of Union Island, there are no roads to get to here and no one lives here. There are two or three shack type bars on the beach playing good reggae and offering BBQ food. One more up market beach bar in a pavilion and it has a swimming pool. The beach is excellent and there is good swimming and snorkelling.


The smallest inhabited Grenadine Island with only a couple of hundred people. Saltwhistle Bay is possibly the nicest beach in the Caribbean, a perfect hour glass of palm fringed sand. Flat and sheltered (good for an overnight stop on the yacht) it is only a 6 metre walk across to the windward beach, rough and windy and great for windsurfing or kite surfing. A walk up a steep hill takes you to Robert Righteous and de Youths Bar . A good night out and well worth the walk, Robert will be very pleased to see you. If you are on the powerboat tour you’ll likely be staying at Dennis’s Hideaway, just a short stagger across the road from Roberts bar. Maybe take some mosquito spray though. So good we often stay two nights.


These world famous, uninhabited islands are stunning. Have a look at the pictures in our gallery page…and no, the colours have not been photo shopped! Swim with the turtles…the fewest I’ve ever seen in a half hour snorkel was 5, the most 16. See if you can beat the record. Also a good place to spot stingrays and on land: iguanas and tortoises. Local fishermen on small boats will provide a BBQ on the beach…at prices that need some negotiation. Whole, fresh lobster when in season.


Little visited, usually empty, but my favourite island. Crystal clear water, turquoise sea and powdery sand, also home to that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley. Our powerboat can get right in close to the sand. The yacht will anchor off, a swim to shore or a short ride in the tender.


A much photographed little island home of one umbrella.


A luxurious resort on a privately owned island. Crystal water. We can stay for cocktails and dinner. Not cheap… but then its only one night and could be worth splashing out.


A gem of an island just South of St Vincent, those on the sailing itinerary may not get this far…unless you agree to miss something else out. The powerboat won’t take long to get here. Good bars, nice restaurants it’s worth taking a taxi tour of the Island…or else just stay on Princess Margaret Beach and drink in Jacks Bar.


Only if you insist… homes of the rich and famous, and not much else. Unless you count Basils Bar. Big houses and expensive drinks, it has a nice beach though and a classy hotel. 

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