Visit Mayreau Island as Part of a Caribbean Sailing Holiday

Mayreau.jpgMayreau (pronounced My-row) is the smallest inhabited island within the Grenadines. With an area of just 1.5 square miles and a population under 300 Mayreau truly is a remote part of the world. 22 acres of the island at the northern tip are privately owned so most of the inhabitants are centred around an unnamed village on Station Hill located in the south west of the island and work as fisherman or in the tourist industry.

Mayreau is a perfect combination of serenity and location offering a great position to reach the surrounding islands. Both neighbouring Canouan and Union Island have airports which are only a short boat journey away.

Much of Mayreau has remained untouched. Only 10% of the island has been built on so the majority of its beaches and coast lands remain in their natural state.

How Do You Get to Mayreau?

This isolated and tranquil island Mayreau can only be reached by boat and is one of the Caribbean’s greatest escapes. The beaches are postcard-perfect with white sand and the small village has an old church. Islanders are welcoming towards visitors in search of a relaxing get-away.

What Is There to Do in Mayreau?

Apart from water sports and hiking there isn’t much to do in Mayreau apart from totally unwinding surrounded by some of the world’s most stunning views!

You can hike up to the top of Mayreau’s only hill to an overlook where you can see an incredibly view of the Tobago Cays, Union Island and Canouan. After you have made your way back down to ground level you can swim at the Saline Bay beach or Saltwhistle Bay.

Why Visit Mayreau?

If you love beaches then you will love Mayreau. Saltwhistle Bay is known to many as one of the prettiest bays and beaches in the Grenadines and is a perfect half-moon shape surrounded by palm trees. The winds in Sat Whistle bay make it ideal for kitesurfing and the island has fantastic diving opportunities.

If you are interested in visiting Mayreau or nearby Tobago Cays why not do so as part of a yacht charter around the Grenadines? Kalimba Caribbean Tours offers bespoke tours of this beautiful part of the world. Get in touch today to find out more and start putting together your perfect holiday!