Visiting Petit Saint Vincent as Part of a Caribbean Sailing Holiday

petit-st-vincent.jpgIf you are thinking of holidaying in the Caribbean islands The Grenadines visiting Petit Saint Vincent (known locally as PSV) is a must.

With no telephones, televisions and ropey phone signal Petit Saint Vincent is the place to visit for true privacy and relaxation – perfect for those looking to switch off from a lifestyle that is constantly on the go – and why the island has built a following of passionate, loyal guests who return year after year.

What is the Petit St Vincent Like?

Sitting 40 miles south of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines PSV is surrounded by white sandy beaches.

Founded by Haze Richardson in 1962, a decade later the uninhabited island was transformed with the addition of a small hotel, run by Haze and his wife Lynn until Haze’s passing.

The island was taken over in 2013 by the Small Luxury Hotels of the World hotel chain and now operates as a luxury resort. Those who knew the island previously were sceptical about the potential changes however, thankfully, the improvements haven’t caused any harm.

The 22 one- and two-bedroom cottages and villas scattering across the 113-acre island were not added to and are still dotted in-land among the rolling hills and tropics. The signature flag-system was not removed but an intercom system was introduced alongside it. The Small Luxury Hotels of the World chain also added a few minor mod-cons such as air-con (appreciated!) and Wi-Fi in one corner of the main house. There are however still not TVs, clocks and locks on the doors.

There are two restaurants on the island and a spa, which is situated high in the trees (you can enjoy treatments from skilled Balinese therapists) and the highest point on the island is the Marni Hill, sitting at 275ft above sea level.

How is the Weather on Petit Saint Vincent?

The islands of the Grenadines (PSV included) are generally warmer and drier than St. Vincent with average daily temperatures sitting around 30 degrees, perfect for those looking for a warm beach vacation.

Why Visit PSV?

Visitors to PSV can indulge in a luxury lifestyle and enjoy peace, quiet and seclusion. More than just a holiday location, PSV is a true escape for those looking to get away from their daily grind.

Petit St Vincent Sailing Holidays

Whilst PSV is truly magical some people like to visit other parts of the area whilst they are here. A yacht charter allows you to get a taste of what the different islands in the Grenadines have to offer. 

With Kalimba Caribbean Tours you can visit the Petit Saint Vincent as part of our Caribbean sailing tour. In our typical itinerary we sail from Mopion Island to the Petit Saint Vincent resort, enjoying cocktails in the resort bar before sleeping on-board our yacht charter. After exploring PSV we head onto Carriacou. However the route and time are totally up to you - we can create a bespoke journey to fit around what you want to do and where you want to visit.

Why Choose A Yacht Charter?

Yacht charters are perfect for the more adventurous traveler or for those who love to sail or be on the sea. Travelling by boat allows you to reach the smaller islands you cannot get to by cruise and can work out more cost efficient than 5* resorts. 

If you are interested in a sailing holiday with Kalimba Caribbean Tours or would like more information get in touch today using our Contact Form or you can call us: 0203 026 0890.